The Deer Is Here!


The Beginning of This Story

From Fantasy To Reality

What started out as a gift for my niece on her 1st Birthday has turned into the final product you see today. I saw firsthand how much my niece enjoyed this illustrated book and I couldn't resist bringing these lovable characters to life through animation!

But I didn't stop there.

As a child, I would imagine the characters of my favourite books moving from page to page; they were alive, but only in my imagination. That changed when I discovered Augmented Reality. Finally, I could make these characters appear to move directly on the pages of this book — right before my eyes! With the help of AR, my childhood dream has now become a reality. Experience it for yourself!

My niece can’t wait to watch the animated video of Daisy as we flip through the pages of My Deer Friend together. I see the joy and laughter this book brings her and I only wish for other children to experience it too.

Interested? Then please order a copy of My Deer Friend or share this with a dear friend of your own.

Thank you for your support. This story has just begun...

— Paolo Rinaldi, author, illustrator, and animator of My Deer Friend

@my.deer.friend is an amazing and fun book. The book is informative and the illustrations are entertaining. The main character, Daisy is super cute!! The book also comes with an Animated Video that is super fun to watch. The animated video is about 2 min and is narrated.


The book is AMMMMMMAZING! My family was in awe too! Seriously, so well done! The quality is so good and the animations are so fun! Well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Kaitlyn P.

"My Deer Friend is so cute and I love the augmented reality element."


"Looks and works just like the video. It's so cute! Thanks for this gift idea!"

Julia S.

"My niece is obsessed with the book!!"


How To View In Augmented Reality


Download the FREE Zappar app on to your device.


In a well-lit area, open the app and hold your device over a page to scan the lightning bolt icon. Allow time for the app to scan the page.


To scan another page, tap this icon: